Why Consider Advertising Your Business Online?

By | May 18, 2023

Why should you consider marketing your business online if you are just a local business?

If you only serve local customers, like for example a local restaurant or a pest control company, you probably wonder why you should think about getting not just a web page, but a web page that gets you business. Can you get more business by marketing online or is online advertising just for the big boys?

The truth is that paper products as a means of information are becoming obsolete. Perhaps you have heard about major newspapers that are stopping the press and loading up the pages online.

This is because we live in a world where all of the information that you could ever want is right at your fingertips, including local information.

There are maps to show you how to get to your local grocery store, you can find out when your local farmers market is being held and you can even find a job online. So the questions is when a person is looking for your services, are they finding you online?

Ask yourself, ten years ago, would you have put your business in the yellow pages? If you think that you would have, then you need to have a web presence.

What does THAT mean?

It means that you need more than just a web page. You can get a web page for free in a lot of places. You need more than just a web page, you need it in the right spot, right out in front.

For example, you know that if you open up a restaurant, location is more than half the battle. The same is true for most businesses. Location, location, location. The Internet is the same, if you don’t have a good location, your web site is worthless. If your pest control business isn’t on the first page when someone types in ‘colorado spring pest control’ then your site is worthless.


Because you want new customers that don’t know you…yet. They can’t type in ‘freds fantastic little bug removing service’ because they don’t know that that’s the name of your web site!

A gorgeous site that isn’t on the first page is as worthless as a 5 star restaurant with no road to it.

So, there is no time like now to start your online advertising program. Remember, the sooner you get going, the faster you will start getting new customers.