Assessment Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them – Strategies For Savvy HR Professionals

By | June 4, 2023

Assessments can be powerful tools for organizations to help managers and leaders perform at peek capacity. But before you decide to bring a particular tool or vendor into your organization, carefully review these common organizational assessment pitfalls.

Don’t: Let vendors “sell” you a tool if they can’t CLEARLY show that it meets YOUR goals and they have extensive experience in managing and delivering it.

Do: Interview vendors and ask tough questions about usability, reliability, validity, past experience, education/training, client references, etc.

Don’t: Use assessments as a one-shot-deal or only during retreats. You will get a great “WOW” factor but very little ROI. After a while, people will say “Not another assessment tool…”

Do: Incorporate assessments in as many development and training opportunities as possible. By doing so, you will be able to show continued ROI and value.

Don’t: Expect your Executive Team or Board to commit to a tool or process if you can’t clearly share how it will produce ROI or specific benefits.

Do: Involve the Executive Team Members in the assessment selection process and ask vendors for one or two complimentary assessments/debriefs for your Executive Team.

Don’t: Expect participants to embrace the process, be thrilled about taking the assessments, and love getting the results.

Do: Expect participants to need a process and a solid understanding of what the assessments are being used for, how they are launched, who will review the information, and how to apply the information once received.

Don’t: Forget to check-in, follow-up, and champion the assessment process.

Do: Consistently check in to see how participants are using the tools, follow up on initiatives undertaken, and celebrate results.